What are Emotional Capital Reports?

Measure, define and develop your Emotional Intelligence accurately and quickly with the help of the most advanced, global, scientific measure – The Emotional Capital Report (ECR).

These reports and measurements will identify the skills you need to develop to add value to your company and become a successful leader! Investment into your emotional intelligence is investment into better performance.

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Choose the ECR that suits you!

There are three different report options available for personal development, corporate leadership team development and to support recruitment selection. Key areas measured in ECR include; self confidence, self-control, adaptability, optimism, empathy and many more.

You will receive a profile of yourself that benchmarks you against some of the best in the world.

Set yourself apart

emotional capital report cover self

ECR Self

Online assessment of your key skills in emotional intelligence and comprehensive report of your leadership potential.

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emotional capital report cover 360

ECR 360

Combines responses from your chosen peers and compares these scores to your ‘self’ scores to gain an understanding of the differences in perception.

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emotional capital report cover selection

ECR Selection

This is a dedicated recruitment tool to identify talent and recruit high-performing employees.

Receive ten emotional and social competencies with a guide to interpret the scores.


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