My Coaching Services

I specialise in leadership development, life coaching and executive coaching. My purpose as a life and executive coach is to develop your self-awareness and self-confidence. Together we will create a plan that will identify new thinking, ideas and behaviours to develop your professional and personal life goals. Making the best version of you!

Read more about my coaching services below and find out how I can help you!

Looking to make a change?

Want to develop your confidence? Strengthen your relationships? Strike a healthy work-life balance? Position yourself for success?

My one on one coaching and small group coaching sessions ensures my clients accomplish the goals they have set out.  Find out more below!

I give my clients access to Emotional Capital Reports. These reports provide professionals with a 360 view on how to develop leadership skills in order to achieve a higher level of performance and positive impact. Read more about them below.

It’s never too late to make a change.

Coaching Services

I offer one on one life and executive coaching sessions in person, over the phone and online to achieve professional or personal growth goals. There are three different packages and pricing available depending on your needs. Any one can benefit from personal coaching.

Emotional Capital Reports

This is a leadership development tool that provides you with an understanding of you natural capabilities, leadership potential based on your emotional intelligence. There are three different reports available plus receive 360 feedback from myself.

Customer Testimonial

“Stephen held a patient, kind and supportive coaching space for me from the get-go while we explored all resources available to me, leaving no stone unturned. He positively challenged me and held me accountable for my next plan of action, which empowered me with greater confidence outside our coaching sessions” 

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