#TakeASecThursday: Kindness

Kindness, awareness, together, action

Let’s go! It’s #TakeASecThursday 

This week let’s consider Kindness in 5 easy steps. 

Here are a couple of questions to coach your awareness around kindness.

  • Is kindness is something you have tended to take for granted these days?
  • Is society’s movement towards digitalisation impacting your opportunity for acts of genuine kindness?
  • When was the last time you said  ‘ThankYou’ and were genuine in its meaning and delivery?

#TakeASecThursday Kindness ACTION this week

Be bold, here are your steps 1 -4

 1. Give a genuine compliment to a person you know or do a RandomActOfKindness today.

 2. Watch and recognize their reaction.

 3. Watch and recognise their body language

 4. Then #TakeASecThursday and sense your reaction.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised. ~ Kindness Benefits all involved in the activity ~

Next, let’s start looking inside, Step 5

 5. What will you do today on #TakeASecThursday to be kind to yourself?

We’re loving the positive impact this is having on all of our relationships, and are sure you will too.