#TakeASecThursday: Love

heart of flowers, love, Reflect on love and opportunities in your life

It’s #TakeASecThursday, that time you take weekly to pause and reflect ahead of your weekend activity.

For the weekend that’s in it, let’s take a look at that four-letter word LOVE.

I sometimes use frequency (for want of a better word) when verbalising my love of things. For me, Love is something intrinsic that I give and get back in return

I love my wife of many years for my partner, our two great children and wee madra (Gaelic for dog) and these are at different levels or frequency.

I am finding more opportunities for love across all spectrums of my life since I reframed it by frequency and I found that this makes it more comfortable to express love for friends and others as it’s at different frequencies …. And all still LOVE.

I find this definition of love and frequency really sits with me:

So tell me, and others what does LOVE mean for you?

For you is Love

  • Intrinsic (comes from within you)? something you give
  • Extrinsic (comes from external sources to you)? something you receive
  • Or is it something inside or all of these?

 A quote I read once, I think from Simon Sinek’s daily mails

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you & trusting they won’t use it.”

For me, I firmly believe that Love, like a piece of art, brings joy to more than just yourself when sharing it.

So today, on this #TakeASecThursday ahead of Valentines weekend, whatever your construct of Love resembles, remember this: 

Love is something that is best shown and shared.