#TakeASecThursday: Pace

Baby turtle, sand, pace, movement, forward


#TakeASecThursday – Pace 

With the pace of life since the start of this year, quite often the greatest area we neglect each day is ourselves.

We will be posting a reflection each Thursday to remind you of your #TakeASecThursday opportunity.

On this #TakeASecThursday take a couple of minutes to consider and plan something to do over the weekend to serve you. (yes, it’s OK, and healthy to consider yourself).

Some ideas that we love;

  • read an article
  • connect with someone
  • a fitness activity
  • eat well
  • spend time with family/friends
  • mindfulness practice
  • ….. the potential is endless.

Now that you’ve considered #TakeASecThursday I hope you feel more #positive, and that’s a great way to be. Congratulate Yourself.

If you want encouragement with your activity, start some accountability. Tag a friend that will #KeepYouOnTrack

We’re loving the positive impact this is having.